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4 - 5 May SYDNEY
What is the Teacher Wellbeing Workshop?..
TheHighlyEffectiveTeacher 2 day workshop teaches the IMPORTANCE of effective habits
that creates a sense of wellness by increasing your energy levels, managing your emotions and improving your focus.

We teach YOU how to get more fulfillment out of your day by
implementing very simple techniques and practices in your professional and personal life.
Pressured by UNREASONABLE parent concerns
and DIFFICULT student behaviour.. 
The departmental drive for BETTER results can be extremely daunting. 
The multitude of demands that teachers are facing can 
push YOU to your limits!
While teaching can be..
  • rewarding 
  • motivating 
  • and often FUN!
It can ALSO be...
  • overwhelming 
  • stressful 
  • AND downright difficult!
Does this sound like you or someone you know?...
The ever-increasing demands on teacher time, 
expertise, energy and patience is taking its toll on teacher wellbeing. 
Levels of teacher stress, burnout and depression are alarmingly high.
4 - 5 May SYDNEY
Over 2 full days, you will become INSPIRED and ENERGISED to take your teaching to the next level!
Okay! So What am I going to be learning?..
  • Utilise current brain science and research
  • Manage stress without adding more work to your day
  • Empower yourself and maintain a sense of balance
  • Take control and responsibility for how you feel
  • Understand the meaning of happiness and how you can have more of it
  • Increase harmony with colleagues, parent and students
  • Manage overwhelm and model healthy behaviour to your students
  • Manage time more effectively
  • Bring the excitement back into your practice
  • Use Growth Mindset concepts to your advantage
  • And So Much More...
Designed for teachers...
Led by highly regarded educator and presenter Marie Amaro
the 2017 Teacher Wellbeing Workshop will give you the time to stop, reflect and realign your knowledge and understanding, to improve your sense of wellness and your effectiveness as a teacher.
Who Am I?..
My name is Marie Amaro and I am an educational consultant, teacher, mentor, coach, mother of 4 and entrepreneur. 

With over 30 years’ experience in education, 
I have taught in early childhood, primary and secondary settings and holds a Master in Special Education
(Emotional and Behavioural Disorders).
I specialise in behaviour, advising and assisting principals,
and help executives and classroom teachers to develop positive behaviour management strategies and improve school culture. 
I have earned a reputation as an extremely professional
and knowledgeable presenter, who provides thought provoking experiences in an encouraging and respectful environment.
I am deeply committed to providing relevant, practical professional development through interactive skill building that is research based demonstrating tools immediately applicable to classroom practice. 

My passion lies in students achieving their potential, supporting the wellbeing of teachers and about schools providing positive, stimulating and nurturing environments.
Marie Amaro

Lead presenter
This is what you
can expect
  • Experiential based learning
  • Practical techniques for you and your students
  • Evidenced based practices
  • Interaction and connection
  • Cutting edge research
  • Movement and relaxation
  • To have fun
  • And So Much More...
Here is what will be covered
  • How a growth mindset can increase your wellbeing
  • Be happy now (how)
  • The work of Martin Seligman (father of positive psychology)
  • Current practices needed for optimum mental health
  • Mindfulness practices and the serious business of having fun
  • + More...
You will learn 
how to 
  • Manage your emotions with quick and easy techniques
  • Juggle multiple tasks and priorities with ease
  • Incorporate healthy practices for you and your students
  • Reduce stress and maintain emotional balance
  • Increase energy levels using simple strategies
  • And So Much More...
Maybe you feel that you don’t have time to devote 2 days to your own wellbeing. Maybe you think you should be using the time for lesson plans, content or curriculum.
But understanding how your level of happiness and wellbeing affects your ability to perform your tasks effectively and efficiently will give you more time and free you from the stress!
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Our objective at The Highly Effective Teacher is to provide evidenced-based understandings and practical resources for schools so teachers, executive and principals feel empowered to design supportive, nurturing, inclusive learning environments for all students.

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